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howdy stranger!
If you're looking for comics, we've got some
here (the worst horse saga parts 1 and 2),
here (the worst horse finale),
here (maria and mom sputnik at the beach),
here (a meditation on american presidents),
here (great darkness national park),
here (the first chronicle from big nose national park),
and here (seeing stars, AKA big nose part 2).

If you're looking for the Georgia/Russia/South Ossetia posts, you can find them here (part one's at the bottom of the page).


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PSST HEY! I was in Chicago, my ancestral home, and saw your zines prominently displayed at Quimby's. I was all I HAVE THESE AND THEY ARE AWESOME WHOA!

Just thought I should tell you. Also, did I ever send you my MFZines in return? I think this new year will be a zine year for me, so if you wanna see my stuff, just tell me how to get it to you...

hey sascha, it's natalie, mario's friend! we met the night after mario was attacked by bug. i found you through lostcosmonaut. congrats on getting nominated for award in portland!

hi natalie! how could i forget you (and bug)?

thanks for the congratulations! we lost!

i was a wreck when you met me but if you live with us in our utopian loft i promise i'm mostly pretty cool.

you didn't lose anything, you gained big fans; i love your "worst horse" comic

HEY Jay smooth just said he needed a new assistant for his radio show on facebook...
Maybe re send in your app? You must be his assistant so I can meet him!

I'm looking for YOU.

oh hey I already posted to this post. Ugh. Still, Miss you!

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