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44 presidents 1 and 2
44 presidents 344 presidents 4+5
44 presidents nos 6+744 presidents 8+9
44 presidents 10+1144 presidents number 12 + 13
44 presidents number 1444 presidents number 15
44 presidents number 1644 presidents nos 17+18
44 presidents nos 19+2044 presidents number 21
44 presidents nos 22 and 2344 presidents number 24
44 presidents number 2544 presidents 26
44 presidents 27a44 presidents taft b
44 presidents 28a44 presidents wilson b
44 presidents number 29
44 presidents harding b
44 presidents number 3044 presidents number 30b
44 presidents number 31
44 presidents number 3244 presidents fdr2
44 presidents number 3344 presidents number 34
44 presidents number 3544 presidents number 36
44 presidents number 3744 presidents 38
44 presidents 39a44 presidents 39b
44 presidents number 4044 presidents 41+42
44 presidents 43a44 presidents 43b
44 presidents number 44

UPDATE: if you want a paper version of this comic, you can get one by emailing me your address (send it to dogwitharussianhat at gmail), then sending $2.50 to katsam (((at))) oddpost /dot/ com. Or, if you prefer, you can buy one at etsy.

UPDATE 2: now this comic will also be part of the experimental tabloid Diamond Comics available through Floating World Comics after November 3rd!

UPDATE 3: Coming out as a hardback book September 25, 2009 from Garrett County Press.

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as usual, you are a brilliant genius. what is a paypal account i can send monies to so i can BUY COPIES of all of your comix and zines?

ps: love the spike lee thing on the cover.

i don't have a paypal account and clearly have trouble mailing things. HOWEVER when i do mail things you're on the front wave of the list.

you could also try to get lj lostcosmonaut (the writer) to mail you one, i don't know what he's planning to do with his share of the proceeds but he's going to have a medium-sized batch

third time viewing this today. so great!

did i mention i am hungry and envious of your photographs of food.

oooh i'm glad you like it -- !

i see your weird historical cartoonist and raise you one kate beaton

This is fantastic. Your Harding looks a lot like Harding. I like that you changed McCain to blank. Dare to dream.

i am glad you are feeling a little better


dream dream dream

the original text was written the week after america met sarah palin. now that the economy is destroyed it seems like the election might be swinging the other direction

I am obsessed with funny presidential histories and am starting a kitschy presidential collection. I have a set of pencils that only goes up to Reagan, a framed portrait of Eisenhaur that says, "Support General Eisenhaur, buy war bonds, and a presidential coloring book. also, "George W Bush and his paper doll family." I would love to buy a copy of this from you. I would probably also send you a mix cd.

I read that as "Support General Eisenhauer: Buy war bonds and a presidential coloring book!"

Have you read Assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowell? You would like it.

You are brilliant. Can I give you money for a physical copy of this? If reading it on the interwebs has made my life this much better, I cannot help but wonder what bizarre effects physical contact might produce!

rae_is brought me here. I love it! Thank you!

(Deleted comment)

smiles, pouts, and glowers

thanks, strange cartoonist!


I am totally impressed with your ability to draw people that look like all the right people.

thanks s.!

i think my portraiture skills are only batting about 50% in this particular essay, but i enjoy drawing from photographs, it's soothing somehow.

did you ever get to take life drawing in school? it is super fun. man i wish i were in a life drawing class right now.

okay, THAT was amazing. i'd like to get in line somewhere to buy a copy! especially loving Calvin Coolidge and the mystery #44 :)

you can email me your address if you want one.

also -- is there a store which sells minicomics near you? i'm trying to pitch some stores to carry comics on consignment, and i'm asking all my (geographically disparate) commenters SO I CAN TAKE OVER TH WORLD

are you selling these someplace or what? i should get one. i highly approve of what you've been doing... really cool.

i still have the photocopied posters you sent me way back too. :) i copied one and it's still at my old office i used to work at. this pleases morbo.

i'm trying to sell them places. sparkplug comics is going to sell some, and in portland i think guapo is going to have a few. i also have some places i'm consigning them in new york and chicago and new orleans BUT NOWHERE IN SEATTLE! do you know anywhere in seattle i might be able to email and pitch to take some on consignment? how about in olympia? really any place that sells minicomics.

if you can think of a place, maybe i can send a package of six and you can take five to the seattle comics store. if not, email me your address anyway and i'll send you one.

i am on strike against reading this until i receive my other mailed stuffs!!!

not really :) it's super-great and makes me uber-jealous. you are both geniuses (genii?)

your package is on the assembly line. i am having trouble finding one of the cat portraits, but am thinking i'll send the 90384398439 other things i've promised you first, with the 2nd portrait coming later, WHO KNOWS, I COULD BE TURNING OVER A NEW LEAF

I'm late to the party, but this is awesome stuff. Who knew I'd like Nixon the best? I told the gals in my typing pool what you said about George Washington and they love it.

like a movie being projected on another movie

Thanks, D.!

My favorite text is FDR. And my favorite picture is LBJ.

It wasn't what I said about Washington, tho -- it was lj lostcosmonaut who said it. (He was my friend who ran past the table at the Ethiopian concert.) The text is all him, I'm just the picture lady.

hi i like it a lot!
I like fdr the best, and fdr is also my fav prez.

yeah, i'm partial to that stuff about the field of roses.

i'm not sure if i have a favorite president. i kind of have a soft spot for eisenhower. and jimmy carter.

(Deleted comment)

i will if mario writes it.

thanks lj trembyle

i just sent a comic (not the president comic) to your possibly defunct address in iowa city today

(Deleted comment)
WITH THIS COMIC advances in civilization have been made. Of this, I am certain.

O TR. You sure do love your parties doncha.

ha! i am sure happy to help advance civilization. avanti!

I stumbled across this & I must say, quite good!

This is freaking ridiculous. And AWESOME. Holy crap. Nice work. :D

Sad that I missed getting it before it sold out!

Thanks! :D

It didn't actually sell out -- I don't know how to work Etsy and somehow only listed one copy when I've got, like, thirty.

Amazing, wonderful. I wish I had more good things to say, but as the night deepens my vocabulary is the first thing to go. This is no fault of your comic, only my poor timing. I guess I just want to say that I enjoyed it very much, will read again fast shipping AAAAAAAA++++++

you forgot to mention the like-new condition ;)

Wow, Wonkette linked to mini-comics today! Hi. Your comic is great. Greetings from Vermont.


holy crap man! and look, they think i'm either kate beaton or brad neely. that's pretty rad.

Thanks for a hearty laugh on this Friday afternoon.

glad to be of service!

siete veramente avvocati?

Amazing. I'm so glad someone else knows about ol' Lincoln.

the secret life of the five dollar bill

i personally had no idea until drawing this comic! see, "art" is educational

Hi! I own a comic shop in Somerville, Mass. I'd love to get 10 of these. (and a few of your other, as well.)

Mail me at welborn at mac dot-com. :)

I like the hello kitty tank. I like how although the text says an insignia, the tank is actually shaped like hello kitty.


this is so good!
nice job


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