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Hey, me and my friend published a comics anthology!

I have a lot to say about it but right now I just wanted to put up this video interview with Ron Rege Jr. about his "Cartoon Utopia" project.

ron rege talks to gazeta comics about the cartoon utopia from gazeta comics on Vimeo.

your friend, the worst livejournalist ever,
Maria Sputnik

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comix comics fumetti bd

you can get it! from our website.

fantastic information. thanks !

if i put up any other movies there you can be sure i'll be "informing" y'all here too ;)

your penis will get a bigger size and you ll love it

hurrah for one-to-one communication, th anti-spam


r u calling me a spammer

i found a way to get your girlfriend's picture out_of_my_space, do you want to see?

there are other parts in this interview that made me think of you, esp. a discussion about "why bubble writing" and how interested RR is in designing his work to "please the audience" (hint: not very much). i think i will post some of them later, but as text.

if you ever spam me i will surely purchase th product thereby ruining antispam efforts of millions

what is yr favourite Ron Rege book, I really want more after reading Gazeta

I've been familiar w/ his work for years through various anthologies, but something just clicked hard for me this time


ha! i'm surprised to hear you weren't on the rege train already. my favorite RR book is "about pain," it's sort of a multi-year omnibus with sex, math and a whole bunch of stuff. "the awake field" is also quite lovely.

p.s. video has been viewed 144 times yet book purchased 3x since video came out (2 of th purchasers i've known 10+ years) clearly i still have a lot to learn about book-hustling

it's !

Oh duh. I guess I might have figured that out if I applied myself. I clicked on Vimeo and then got flustered :D

well, the duh also extends towards me for not formally announcing it ;)

Dude this is hella sweet. This anthology contains the French-language story C translated, yeah?

And hey, are you coming to Seattle any time soon? We now have the greatest venue ever and would love to throw you a reading/slideshow/dance party.

yes, it does! send me your address and i'll send you a copy.

no word on me in seattle anytime soon, but i am scheduled to move to portland in fall 2011 so you can probably expect to see my smiling/reading/slide-showing/dancing face around that time.

what is this greatest venue ever, anyway?

Skeptical of the Livejournal's naked public visibility, I just sent you me and Cait's address over the ironclad privacy of Facebook.

Great to hear you're coming to Portland, the Stockholm of the West Coast! From there we are so close--- our venue, right by Seattle's train station actually, is 1200 square feet of the INScape building that us and 16 of our closest friends are going in on together. So far it's just a big empty garage with preschool-perky paint colors, but soon it will have everything from clay art to performance space. Can't wait to show it off to people, people like you

my gang salutes your gang

got the address! and just FYI, LJ does have an inhouse private messaging service to transmit the secret addresses of your secret doings. you can find it from your LJ "home" page.

Re: my gang salutes your gang

Ooh, I know, but for some reason that messaging service gives me the willies! I got LJ-nudged disquietingly via it, by someone I met on the old "post-rock" community where dirge nerds swapped Mediafire links and argued about Godspeed B-sides.... I deleted their message and never went back.

p.s. if portland is stockholm, is seattle copenhagen or amsterdam?

not just saying this because I'm hungry

Have always thought Seattle's a little like Frankfurt... Glassy and new and a little bourgie, a former bust town that's started booming and is looking for a relationship with the past? Or, like, Zurich but with sandals and socks?

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