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a van choojitarom thanksgiving









NOTE: THIS COMIC IS AN abridgement of this post by old-necktie-on-fire, Van Choojitarom. (Longtime readers may remember Van as the author of Great Darkness National Park. I highly recommend you check him out at his newest blog, Naak Leuuap นาค เหลือบ.

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OMG!!! that was wonderful! and I don't even have our turkey in the oven yet. When you got to the part about tofurkey, I laughed out loud. Great piece, Van and Maria!!!!

Re: turkey enlightenment


Thank you!!! I'm watching Bollywood Dancers and I just read this and my Thanksgiving is off to a great start. Also, there is a small adorable dog sleeping on my feet.

It is good to be grateful for Bollywood and small sleeping dogs. I am sitting with two cats and a knitter and we're about to go get Vietnamese food. :)

Eating a turkey is not necessary for me to feel tired, I can feel tired without it.

Are you turning into an old tired mole-rat?

Tell me more about this Van thing. His sort of incoherent is just what I can't count on the internet for these days.

Van Choojitarom! lj user 101dalmatians did this interview with him on the Kenyon Blog, and it is pretty informative:

I "met" him on the internet a couple of years ago and we engaged in a lengthy correspondence about my existential problems (2 years ago I was very worried about where in my brain the "me" was kept). And I was like, JESUS THESE ARE SOME GREAT STORIES CAN I DRAW SOME and he said SURE WHATEVER. He's been putting up one story every two week for years. Some of them are long! And some of them are astonishing! I bet you two would dig each other.

also someone once tried to create a van choojitarom LJ fan community but it didn't quite take off:

Oh, this is exceedingly wonderful.

I'm glad you like it, barnacle-pornographer!

Oh shiiiiiiiit I love this so much, I just finished eating a turkey-leftover sandwich and it was so satisfying, it felt like it was eating itself and now I know why.

Chooj is so good for the falling-down-the-well feeling, I had a lonely friend tell me she read everything on his old Yellow Sphinx blog before he hung it up once in a fit of ennui, though I myself read this long book review and this crazy-ass tradesperson's book on poetry awhile ago and it sated my who's-me blues.... Will this ever see print? Say yes or whatever you'll say.

btw sorry i mangled yr name, above

i think the interactive, i.e. writing emails to total strangers living in floridan buddhist monasteries, method was the perfect tonic for my WTF-IS-IDENTITY falling through the void freakout. (i met cait right in the middle of that; it was a good year for meeting strangers on the internet.)

eventually there'll be a minicomic composed exclusively of choojitarom stories with pictures ... i don't know if he longs for wider readership, but in my own pragmatic, businesswomanlike way i have decided that the way for van choojitarom to gain fame and fortune is through minicomics. you understand.

and in the meantime, the mind and the universe are both empty and infinite for 3 hours at 450 degrees or for all time with no heat, no light and no motion.

many sides to the relation

My dear M, you should mutual-friend me on this here blogging service! C told me you are writing lovely things but I as a publican can't read them... (* Feel free to delete this comment if you'd like to keep these worlds separate) (* Hello!)

Re: many sides to the relation

whoops, i didn't realize that we weren't fully bonded through the livejournal friendship mechanism. i have you (or you plus a bunch of other kenyon bloggers, i'm never quite sure) coming through lj on an rss feed but it hadn't come to my attention that i didn't have your lj coming through lj on an lj feed. i'll hop to.

i feel the hug cementing

Can't wait!

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