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this is the fourth damn test (with permissions skipped halfway)

hi hi hi! sorry! i was trying to figure out if i could make my livejournal broadcast to facebook. on the principle that i would like to return here, but i wasn't sure if there was anyone here who would ever read me if i weren't simulcasting. so that's what all those tests were. the last one worked.

how often are you here?

check daily. write 10-15 times a month.

I know! It was the desire to see pictures of Phineas that got me thinking today about returning to these old stomping grounds. Well, that and nostalgia: hey presto, the new and the old!

Let us write poems and coo over babies still so little they are not sure how to smile

YEAH! That's awesome, so glad our merciless campaign of baby documentation has interest for anyone else at all! I finally read Big Nose National Park, after saving it to be truly savored for a long time. So great, I love your way of depicting mystical journeys, it is totally inspiring. Also you live in Portland now! We are planning a trip back there mid April - around the 18th I think. Will you be there? Come meet the new creature, who will be twice as old as he is now?

Hurray for merciless infant documentation and yes I would love to meet the new creature. I'm going to a rock concert on April 18th (Jeff Mangum, aka Rock Snuffleupagus) and besides that I think I will have a lot of free time for baby-cooing so please let me know when/how etc and I'd love to meet up. We generally have an open house soup-and-project hangout on Thursday nights so you guys'd be totally welcome at our house on the 19th or I could come meet you somewhere else at some other time that works for BRAND NEW PEOPLE AND THEIR SLIGHTLY OLDER FRIENDS xo

Nice to see you after all this time. I continue to read LJ, but write perhaps once a year (and most likely to "welten"). You can be found on that other place???????????

It's fascinating to me how many folks are still reading! I have a FB account (two actually) though I find it a sort of hateful website. I mean, I love seeing all the pictures and knowing what's up with people but ... you know!

It's good to see you!

I know exactly what you mean. As much as I hate that place myself, I can't seem to turn my back on it entirely. There is a frightening number of old acquaintances, friends and even family members that I only have contact with over there. Now, if you are not averse to it, I'd like to add the one (or both) of your accounts (as fits your purposes). If you don't want to post your FB name(s) here, you can invite "Bih Friend" as you please.

Hope you are doing well!

good hello, mees spootnik !

i still use LJ as preferred posting place of expansions. mebbe link to from the FB phenom where i live as "Pablo Schwartz" (please to add / thanks !).

Even on Facebook you don't have a Face!

ah'm off F-book for Lent, so you better post here or ah'll unlike yr friendship


I know dude! First I started thinking about LJ because I wanted to read young Finn's LJ. Then I thought maybe I'd friend up a lot of old LJ-ers on FB with my Maria Sputnik acct. and so I thought I'd find them through YOU, but you had disappeared. It's weird how completely you disappeared -- like in photos it no longer has you tagged -- and SGG (SGA?) is only "married," no longer "married to" if she ever were. @ first I thought you might be disappearing and/or disappearing into the Outernet, but then I came and saw yr birthday post and realized it was Lent. Am still composing a thoughtful reply to that entry, as I pour myself into a sputnik-shaped vessel

Right, it's like the eternal drive to quit smoking. Or exercise. Is LJ my exercise bicycle covered with laundry.

I'm here! I don't post anymore, though. I'd like to. EVERYONE WOULD LIKE TO.

If everyone wants to, why don't we?

Where are all the pictures?

ONE STEP AT A TIME!! Thanks for the valentine BTW, it was super sweet :)


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