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my livejournal is TWELVE YEARS OLD
...if it were a child, it could go to seventh grade this fall!

and i always said that, if i had a child, i wouldn't send him or her to middle school. i said nobody learns anything in middle school except how to feel bad about themselves, and so at age twelve we'd go learn to farm or build houses or something. and i wonder if it is time for my livejournal to learn how to use a hammer or a plough.
i think of this place like it was a big old outdoor bar, but now the old gang is pretty much totally dispersed, and if you drop by to get a drink you'll find that the only folks who patronize it anymore are russians.
though it seems like there are more of you here now than i expected. hello!
i just want to learn to put up psychic drywall. i just want to skip middle school. i just want to mix my metaphors. i just want a virgin bloody mary with a giant stick of celery, and to pull up a table and start writing in my secret notebook.

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Cricketface! Back from the snowy land of many books and still totally hanging out on Livejournal? Did you ever have a Livejournal pause or have you just been fighting the good fight the whole time?

I don't think I've ever had a pause as extended as your own. Maybe a month or so, years ago. Though I would consider the present state of my journal to be an indefinite semi-pause since starting my current job. Definitely it changed the nature of my relationship to LJ.

Would you say your job put LJ on pause because you are so busy? Or is it something about library science that puts the kibosh on loving internet journals?

Partly because I am much busier than prior to this job, partly because I started to fall a little out of love with writing anything in general (I think grad school did that to me a bit). Probably because of other distractions on the internet (contrasted with the early 2000s). Probably because the core group here died down as well.

Thanks! Man it's been like seven thousand years since I saw you. Nice to see your bulging eyes and protruding tongue again ;)

Pretty good. I had a baby seven weeks ago! We are doing a winter baby hibernation and it feels kind of like time is a spiral and I'm kind of mentally wandering through all the other times in my life I did a winter hiberation. How is your life? :)

! Congrats on having a baby--definitely haven't done anything like that, lately--just been trying to get through Winter myownself.

(Deleted comment)
Ehey! Good to see you here too. What are you doing reading in these parts?

I was just thinking about you and wondering where you were! I know I contribute nothing, but it is nice to see you here again.

Where on the internet are you posting the most stuff? I tried to follow some links on my phone and read about you poking a cat with a spatula but I wasn't sure if I found the most active site or what :)

Well, I am really glad to see you here. These days, I check LJ about once a week and have really cut back on almost all social-media-ing, so to come here & see this, and your baby's face, it is just a wonderful, wonderful thing.

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